How to improve customer engagement online with the use of Zoho SalesIQ


How to improve customer engagement online with the use of Zoho SalesIQ

The introduction of interactive Web 2.0, as well as technological advancements such as AI, Big Data, Augmented Reality (AR), and the Internet of Things (IoT). Such technologies, as well as various social networking platforms, have become an essential part of the lives of customers. Today’s tech-savvy customers spend a significant amount of time online in an increasingly interactive environment (Rasool et al., 2020).

Data Source: Internet World Stats
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To address this development, marketers are turning to digital tools to grab the attention of their digitally cautious prospective customers, analyze their web activities, curate personalized products or services for them, and convert such leads to sales. It is now very glaring that every business especially online business needs to pay special attention to how they engage with their customers and the key things to watch out for as identified by Zoho are but not limited to customer satisfaction, churn rate, conversion rate, social media engagement, life long value and many more as depicted in the diagram.

Given how digital touchpoints have changed the way customers interact with brands, several digital tools such as Zoho Sales IQ have emerged as a go-to tactic for marketers who really want to stay in the game by engaging their customers appropriately. Zoho SalesIQ is said to be the future of customer engagement because of its powerful features in marketing, sales, and team support throughout the customer lifecycle journey by communicating with all customers in real time while interacting with their website.

Zoho Sales IQ for Marketing: Every business needs to build an audience in their respective market segment and Zoho SalesIQ comes in handy by helping to interact with different prospective customers across borderlines, all in one place.

Zoho SalesIQ ring

The Zoho SalesIQ ring shows prospective customers timestamp, location, product or service they are engaging with and potential sales income which is not possible with a conventional marketing system like in the case of TV/Radio advert for instance.

To ease online marketing efforts Zoho SalesIQ help in the following areas:

  1. Get insightful customer data from their navigation on the website, time spent on the site, previous conversations with customer agents, etc.
  2. Pushed automated preconfigured messaging based on their interest to grab customers’ attention while interacting with the website.
  3. Easy integration with other marketing applications such as CRM and support desk beyond Zoho applications.
  4. Generate prospective customers report in various format of your choice for an informed marketing decision, especially in areas of pricing and promotions and equally improve lead generation.

Zoho SalesIQ for Sales: The ability to sell is the livewire of every business whose goal is centered around profitability. Hence, the need to convert leads to sales is of utmost priority which is where Zoho SalesIQ comes to play as it serves as a better customer engagement tool and is equally stress-free to use in captivating the interest of prospective customers and thereby converting them to paying customers. The Zoho SalesIQ tool can help your online sales in the following areas:

  1. The use of a chatbot (Artificial Intelligence) to engage your customers while you are away or in a bid to minimize the cost to answer basic sales questions.
  2. The Zoho SalesIQ tool can help segment prospective customers and transfer them to the right department for appropriate customer engagement.
  3. The audio-calling ability is one of the unique features of Zoho salesIQ where a chat agent can simply switch from text chatting to an audio call from the same application – super amazing right? Yes, I must say that feature is really amazing to foster real-time customer engagement.
  4. Elimination of language barrier with the use of its text translator which makes it easy to converse with customers in their local dialect.

Zoho SalesIQ for Support: The Zoho SalesIQ support help in handling customer queries from multiple channels as today’s customers are freaky with technology. It automates most of its processes with the use of FAQ, helps articles, canned replies, and many more. It also gives room for monitoring and control of staff conversations with customers for better customer engagement with sufficient integration of other applications.

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You can improve customer engagement online with Zoho SalesIQ. By using its features effectively, you can build stronger relationships with your customers and drive more sales for your business. The good news is that you can try the product for FREE. Click here for a free trial now or send an email to for support.


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