The art of selling online

the art of selling online

The art of selling online

E-Commerce business is becoming popular in Nigeria today and is getting influx of young entrepreneurs who are seeking to take advantage of the growing emerging e-commerce market. However, like every other business the seller is vested with the responsibility of convincing the buyer that his product or service is the best and what is giving up is nothing in exchange for the value that he is getting in return.

Although, people have been mastering the art of selling product and services since the beginning of time. The methods entrepreneurs use to sell their goods have changed over time but guess what, the principles are still the same. Remember, no business exists without a buyer. Hence, e-commerce business or the art of selling online is no different just that the method is relatively new in the history of buying and selling.

The art of selling online in Nigeria

– Show customers value: Value is said to be in the eyes of the beholder and has an e-commerce entrepreneur your duty is to guide your potential customers on the benefits they stand to get by buying your products or services. In practical terms, you need to show your customers what the outcome could look like, what are the reviews of previous customers, educate them on how to use the product. You can only achieve this when you close mark your prospect via phone calls, messaging (email or text), visitations if need be and any other means so desire to close mark your customers or prospect.

– Lead; Don’t Sell: In addendum to point number one, you should not think of instant sells online, if only if you want to stay longer in the e-commerce business. It is important to always put your customer first, do not be shy to tell your customers the truth about a given product. For instance, you have put up 2 products (S & T) for sell and you no quiet well that product T is more durable than S, advising a potential customer xyz to go for T instead of S will do you no harm than good. Remember, TRUST is key to success in any business and e-commerce business is not in isolation. Remember, Lead; Don’t Sell.

– Take Advantage of Social Networking: Social Media Networking is one of the greatest gift for e-commerce business owners especially for start-ups at no premium cost. Having the right solution or product to satisfy your potential customers is not just enough but you are required to let them know about it and I think social media networking will not be a bad idea to build audience. The era of no money to do news print, handbills or flyers is over, take advantage of what you have.

– Establish a long term relationship through e-mail marketing: Learning the basics e-mail marketing or Newsletter as popularly called will be of great benefit to your e-commerce business experience. It will not only bring new customers but also help to retain old customers has this will give them a sense of belonging.

– Re-assure your customers: Always, try to engage your customers for feedback via surveys, follow-up calls, one on one conversation and every other means to reach out to your customers.

– Be honest: On a last note, be yourself and stay clear from unnecessary promise or mis-representation. Simply put … BE HONEST.


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