Google Hustle Academy for Startups in Africa

google hustle academy

Google Hustle Academy for Startups in Africa

It’s time to take your business to the next level with google free one week-long bootcamp – Google Hustle Academy.

Almost 90% of African small businesses, SMEs including those in Nigeria, fear they may not survive the Covid-19 crisis, and need access to practical tools and support to prevent financial loss, according to a recent survey of entrepreneurs by the African Management Institute (AMI) cited from businessday online publication.

The Google Hustle Academy has landed and is here to help your business power up to the next level with about 20 cohort achieved so far. Get access to live training sessions, 1-1 mentorship, network of like-minds, and master classes by industry leaders, all for free.

Over the years, bootcamps have provided business owners with the springboard to take their businesses to the next level. Bootcamps are necessary in order for business owners to have as much support as they can, granting them access to investors/funds and an opportunity for the owners to further develop their skill sets.

The google hustle programme also provide accelerated knowledge to business owners since they have a mix of industry experts present in one room. It is also an opportunity for business to receive long-term support in terms of operations and capacity building for their businesses.

What are the key objectives of the Google hustle bootcamp?

  • Help you harness the power of digital marketing to boost your business’ online presence and reach more potential customers.
  • Support you with your business development and sales activities, as well as your overall business expansion.
  • Provide your business with guidance surrounding the funding options available and top tips to successfully pitch for investment.
  • Enable your business to scale effectively in 2022

What is the core focus of the Google hustle bootcamp?

  1. Business strategy: Ensuring your business is set up for success.
  2. Increasing your sales: Determine your revenue goals.
  3. Digital marketing : Understanding the different marketing channels and choosing the right channel for your business.
  4. Effective financial planning: Understanding your funding needs
  5. Pitching for success: What do investors look for in a pitch?

Google Hustle Boot camp selection criteria

1. Business Maturity – The Hustle Academy is for businesses who have already created a business plan, defined their product/service offering and be looking to now scale.
2. Size of Operation – The Hustle Academy is open to businesses that have at least 2 full time employees and have been operating for over 12 months.
3. Revenue Generated – This Hustle Academy is aimed at businesses who have generated profit or have a good break-even path. The programme is not aimed at early stage startups.

How do you sign up for the Hustle Academy, week-long programme?

  1. Visit:
  2. Click “Sign up here” and fill out the registration form
  3. Complete the eligibility survey we send across
  4. Speak with a member of the team to reserve your spot
  5. Start your training!

All that is required of you to join the google hustle academy is to devout your time and the attention needed to get the best value from the bootcamp.


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