A business consultant is said to engage in rational troubleshooting and thereby offer their clients “economies of knowledge”. Small Business Consultant can provide energy and momentum in projects by highlighting the essentials, the roadmap and the resources to help organisations do what they could not do for themselves.

It is never a gainsay to say that hiring a small business consultant can save you as a business, time and money and also increase your level of competitiveness and professionalism without jettisoning the fact that a business firm or an individual who seek to employ the help of a small business consultant need to have a clearly defined project or set of

Hence, let discuss the reasons why hire a small business consultant.

a. Manpower: The need for a small business consultant may arise when there is a certain project you want to execute which could have a specific deadline and as well terminal in nature, yet you don’t have the sufficient manpower to execute the project and at the same time meet the required project deadline. It is therefore a wise decision and in the best interest of the firm not to over-shoot the size of the employees because of the execution of a terminal project rather get the service of a small business consultant, with this you will not only save cost but have less headache and get the best hands-on the project.

b. Knowledge gap: A gap certainly exist in a situation where environmental factors outruns your business organization which could be in terms of a new technology, process development, intense rivalry, lack of information or perhaps a new line of business opportunity which your organization is not well grounded. Hence, the service of a small business consultant is inevitable if the organization truly want to close the gap and thereby, attain business success.

c. Playing safe: A small business consultant usually do the dirty job in the name of downsizing or restructuring which in my opinion is the right thing to do. A small business consultant will approach the issue with an unbiased mindset and thereby the business organization will be seen as just in their business decision. This said process of playing safe could
also help to diagnose the business and see beyond the issues of downsizing or restructuring and at the end all parties i.e. employees and the business managers get to smile at the end of the process.

d. Specific issue or issues: The help of a small business consultant could be sort for in solving a specific issue or issues in terms of strategy development and implementation. Let say for instance a large supermarket that has been leading in the retailing industry for decades got cut unaware with the influx of online retailing stores in Nigeria and thereby witness a continuous sales decline and thereby employ the service of an online strategist to also put them online
retailing marketplace.

e. Training: For obvious reasons the service of a small business consultant is required to train staff and managers on a new process or technology or perhaps a new strategy deployed by the organization must especially when it is implemented or introduced by the said small business consultant.

f. Resource optimization: The service of a small business consultant is required in a situation where business organization underutilize their resources, be it human or non-human resources and I’m pretty sure no business owner will like to get less from its business resource rather get more and spend less on such resource like it is a common axiom in the business world that rational people think at the margin. Hence, the need to optimize resources through the help of a small business consultant is not just the wise decision to make but the best decision a business manager or owner could ever take.

Randomly speaking, the need to hire a small business consultant will help to save cost, increase the level of productivity, identify the root cause of a particular problem, define or re-shape organization objective, launch a new business idea, collate fact for a good business decision, build business network, facilitate change and above all the business consultant use his expertise to bring about overall improvement in the business. On a last note, if you are gainfully employed or you are about to start a new line of business or let say you are not familiar with the business environment, please don’t get discouraged and thereby ruin your business ambition just do the right thing by hiring a small business consultant.

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